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CT1DMK Reflock II

This product is no longer available.

The CT1DMK Reflock II is a universal synthesizer that can lock an oscillator at virtually any frequency up to 250MHz (1.1 GHz with a prescaler option) to a frequency standard (commonly 10 MHz) or to a 1 PPS signal from a GPS receiver. It is primarily designed for hams to use as a way to stabilize the local oscillator of a microwave transverter, but there are obviously lots of other interesting possibilities.

The design incorporates the latest CPLD from Altera. The size of CPLD used in the Reflock-II allows for an enhanced resolution 1 PPS circuit plus capability of connecting to a microcontroller and things like lock detection and full numeric loop performance monitoring being possible.

More details on the CT1DMK Reflock II (and the original Reflock I) are available at:


Bare PCB

A quality printed circuit board only, no parts included.

Ordering Information

Sorry, Reflock II - PCB Only is no longer available

Kit of Parts with the CPLD soldered to the PCB

All parts included except for the pre-scaler option.

Ordering Information

Sorry, Reflock II - Kit is no longer available

Assembly and Operations Manual

Manuals are being written.


TAPR kits can be complex depending on the kitting experience of each builder. We don't think you will have trouble with the kit, but it does require some knowledge and experience to successfully go from a kit to a finished, usable unit, depending on the mode of operations.

Questions concerning the construction and operation of the Reflock-II kit are discussed on the time-freq Interest Group. To subscribe, click here.


The TAPR Reflock II Kit was made possible by the efforts of:

Luis Cupido, CT1DMK - Conceptual Design
Steve Bible, N7HPR - Project Manager and PCB Design
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