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TPRS Digital Forum - HamCom 1996

Couldn't attend the TPRS Digital Forum held at the 1996 HamCom ?

Here is your opportunity using RealAudio to listen in to the Friday forum.

See pictures from the HamCom '96 Digital Activities

Listen to entire TPRS Digital Forum

    Beginning Digital Communications
    Greg Jones, WD5IVD
      If you've been thinking about getting into packet, or just recently gotten on the air with packet, this presentation is for you. Hear about packet from the president of Tucson Amateur Packet Radio, the folks who invented packet.

    How to Use TexNet

    Jim Neely, WA5LHS
      A lot of folks know about TexNet, but don't have the foggiest idea how to access it. Furthermore, they don't know all of the features that TexNet has to offer; it's more than just a packet network. Jim is a packet pioneer, and Treasurer of both Texas Packet Radio Society and Tucson Amateur Packet Radio.

    Explore the Internet

    Lee Ziegenhals, N5LYT
      Lee maintains the internet site for a large San Antonio high-tech firm, among other things. In his 'spare' moments he also maintains the TPRS and TAPR web sites! Lee knows what's going on 'under the hood.' This is the presentation for all who want to get on and surf the net. Sure to be SRO.

    DXng by Packet

    Presley Smith, N5VGC
    Download Overheads (1.2M)
      What do you do when you can't put up a tower and you want to work DX? You make contacts via 2-meter packet and swap QSL cards. Presley tells about making many friendships with hams in foreign countries, especially the former Eastern bloc, including visiting with many of them in person. There's more to packet than meets the eye.

    Spread Spectrum Technology an Overview

    Greg Jones, WD5IVD and Tom McDermott, N5EG
    Download Overheads (1.2M)
      New FCC regulations regarding ham use of spread spectrum modulation along with affordable electronics means some very exciting new communications technology in the coming years. Hear how you can be part of the group of pioneers working with spread spectrum.

    APRS: Radiolocation By Packet

    Mike Heskett, WB5QLD
    Download Overheads (1.0M)
      The hottest thing since sliced bread is the marriage of computer, GPS and packet. Add some special software, and you have a highly useful location tracking system with multitudes of uses. This will be SRO, so come early.

    9600 Baud

    Tom McDermott, N5EG
    Download Overheads (147K)
      Hear how to make packet radio really come alive! Packet pioneer and TexNet guru Tom McDermott explains how to step up to 9600 bps easily and inexpensively. If you've been spoiled by fast telephone Internet connections, 9600 bps packet may put the zip back into digital ham radio for you.

    Packet and the NWS

    Bob Morgan, WB5AOH
      Listen to how a group of Oklahoma hams secured the support of the National Weather Service in obtaining a 24-hour feed, including near-real-time weather radar images. Now the NWS says they couldn't get along without the hams. Can we do the same thing in Texas?

    Accessing the Pacsats

    Bob Diersing, N5AHD
      A new generation of ham satellites are packet-only, so you must be set up for packet if you want to play. Bob will provide the details on what it takes to set up a satellite packet station, and what to expect once you're on the air. New pacsats are being launched regularly; find out how to join the action!

"Hoss", WA5ZAI, Mike Simms, WD5KAL, Dave Wolf, WO5H, and Mike Heskett, WB5QLD (in back) relax before the TPRS Membership meetings begins.

Paul Guido, N5IUT, "Hoss", WA5ZAI, Lee Ziegenhals, N5LYT, and Harry Ridenour, N0CCW, having a good-ole time during the TPRS Hospitality (Digital Thirst-Aid) break Saturday evening.

Frank Perkins, WB5IPM, Bill Reed, WD0ETZ, and Tom McDermott, N5EG caught in the hallway outside the TPRS Digial Forum.

Harry Ridenour, N0CCW, sits in on Tom's, N5EG, 9600 baud session during the digital forum.

Tom McDermott, N5EG, Kent Britain, WA5VJB, and Frank Perkins, WB5IPM chating during the exhibitor setup on Friday afternoon.

Presley Smith, N5VGC, gives his talk on DXng by Packet during the Saturday TPRS digital forum.

The Digital Forum was well attened throughout the day. The 1996 forum marked one of TPRS's best ever since 1988.

President of TPRS, Dave Wolf, WO5H with President of TAPR, Greg Jones, WD5IVD before the exhibit area opens on Saturday morning.

TPRS Board members Jim Neely, WA5LHS, and Dan Puckett, K5FB chat at the TPRS booth.

Jim Neely, WA5LHS, and Lee Ziegenhals, N5LYT talk during a break at the Digital Forum.

Joe Borvetz, WA5VMS, relaxes for a quick moment at the booth before the next technical question.

Bob Morgan, WA5AOH, gives his TexNet technical report during the TPRS Annual Meeting.

Frank Perkins, WB5PIM, gives a talk on RUDAK-U during the AMSAT forum.

Jim Neely, WA5LHS, presents a plaque to Dave Wolf, WO5H for his effort in forming the TAPR BBS SIG.

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